Festive Footy Advent

As anybody who followed my previous blog will recall (thanks to you both), I tended to run hot and cold with how regularly I posted.

This time around, I aim to change that.

Self discipline is not my strongest attribute. The fact that there are managers of fast food franchises in the Orange County, CA area that know me by name, attests to that.

As we close in on the festive period, there will be lots of lists, ranking lots of things, which will prompt lots of people to use more and worse swearwords than Bob Geldof might leave on Adele’s voice mail.

I might wind up doing something like that. I might not. Probably won’t actually.

What I am intending to do however, is usher in the Holiday Season with an ambitious set of shortish blog posts throughout the Advent period.

I’m challenging myself in between the rush of Christmas shopping, Griswolding the house and various social engagements, to release one entry per day from December 1st to the 24th (Smeve).

They will mostly related to moments, seasons and people in the game that either stuck in the memory or were significant to my life as a football fan.

I will still probably post about ongoing news and events in the interim and during this period.

Think of it as a festive braindump advent calendar if you will!

First one is scheduled for December 1st…


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