Festive Footy Failure: Some Random Thoughts

Well, that collapsed like Ashley Young after feeling an opponent lightly brush by his thigh.

Between getting ready for Christmas, going to work, grown-up responsibilities and generally having no time, the Festive Footy Advent soon fell apart.

Well, I guess we got 8 days worth out of it, even if there was a Beckham two-parter and (worse still) an Alan Hansen entry making up the numbers.

So, some musings:

It seems that Manchester City are now seriously pondering keeping hold of Frank Lampard beyond the official start of New York City FC’s inaugural season.  They can do this you see, because they are New York’s parent club.  To think some said that scenario wouldn’t be an issue?  If this doesn’t hammer home the “Man City Annex” dynamic of what was supposedly going to be an MLS “Flagship franchise”, I don’t know what does.

Liverpool’s play is getting reasonable reviews, even if the play itself isn’t really getting results.  Meanwhile, Manchester United continue to use the “Dad’s Army” defensive system (frantically trying to hammer any ball that comes into your box into orbit while screaming “Don’t panic!!!”) and yet come away with results.  It’s worth noting though, that only one of those situations is frequently declared as the “hallmark of champions”.

AJ DeLaGarza getting his annual lack of recognition as one of the best defenders in MLS, despite being an integral part of the joint best defence in the league.  I put a lot of it down to stats: AJ’s suck.  That’s not because he’s bad.  It’s because of the way he defends.  As a relatively small player, let alone center back, he achieves success through anticipation and positioning more than tackling.  He’ll more likely usher an opponent into a weaker attacking position, block off a passing lane, or stall a marked players shot.  None of this is easily tabulated.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has declared after coming second in a poll of Swedish sportsmen to Bjorn Borg that he should have been 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Some take this as brattiness on his part.  I tend to think he prides himself on making knowingly arrogant statements for the sheer hell of it.  I personally find it amusing and frankly, i’d be shocked if that wasn’t what he was really going for.

Merry Christmas folks, if i don’t get to express it again before it comes!


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