The 12 Days of Footy Christmas

Seasons Greetings.

When I first started this particular incarnation of the blog towards the end of 2014, I set myself a daunting challenge: Festive Footy Advent. One blog post per day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

I failed but I actually posted more than I anticipated.

This year I’m going to try something similar.  The 12 Days of Footy Christmas.

Now technically, the 12 days actually start on December 25th and run to the 6th.  However, the pressures and obligations of modern life often see the festive period end around new year, which I feared would make the 12th day feel like a straggler, clinging to the last remnants of the season like an overambitious afterthought.

I tested this theory out with a quick poll and the results were quite conclusively that this instinct was correct and it would be more festive if the entries concluded on the 24th or 25th, as kind of a “half advent”.

Will I manage to post 12 entries in 12 days?   We shall see (not even close – 1/5/2016).  As well as having their own pages, they’ll be linked below…

1. A List of Number Ones

2. Two Decades of MLS

3. Three Decades of Fergie

4. Four Back Fours

5. …Cantonas!!

As Shakin’ Stevens so eloquently put it: Merry Christmas Everyone


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