The Birth of a Rivalry

To say I was gutted would be an understatement.  Somewhere inside, my soul had become dislodged and from the feeling of it, dropped heavily into my stomach.  This was embarrassing.  Humiliating.  In the first meeting between Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles FC, the johnny-come-latelies were winning and winning handily.  3-0 by virtue of two […]

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The Columbus Screw (or “America, Stop Just Accepting Team Relocations”)

Imagine a parallel universe: a WWE Pay-Per-View is taking place in Columbus, Ohio. Shawn Michaels is taking on Granville T. Woods in the main event. Michaels puts Woods in the “Sharpshooter”.  Anthony Precourt calls for the bell and claims Woods submitted, thus contradicting the agreed worked outcome of the match. This would be a worse […]

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