About Barroldinho


Barry is a man.  A fat man.  A fat man who likes Association Football and fancies himself a bit of a wordsmith.

Though passionate about the beautiful game, he has no ability in it whatsoever.  Perhaps that makes him ill qualified to write about it.  But then if that was the case, how do you explain BBC and Sky’s teams of analysts over the last two decades?

As a lifelong Man United fan (he knows who Remi Moses is) and Los Angeles Galaxy supporter since moving to SoCal in January of 2007, his meanderings tend to lead him towards their leagues and continental tournaments, as well as the English and US national teams.

On occasion, he may also mention his hometown club, Great Yarmouth Town FC.  The Bloaters, if you will, who play somewhere around the 10th tier of English football.

He’s no Aaron Stollar, though he did once receive a comment on his BigSoccer blog from the great man.  It read something along the lines of “Just complete nonsense from start to finish”.  Deservedly so.

Then again, Richard Littlejohn is actually paid to write, so who are we to judge?  Barry as it happens, has read Littlejohn’s novel “To Hell in a Handcart”.  Based on the level of creativity and imagination contained therein, it’s now clear why the man’s catchphrase is “You couldn’t make it up”.  He really probably couldn’t

Thanks for reading!


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